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Robert Krzisnik, MSc. Psych., CNVC Certified trainer, (Slovenia)

From early teenage years I have been inquiring into the questions of meaning of life, the nature of existence and the ways of meeting each other at the heart level. The journey led me through studying Psychology, working as a psychotherapist for 12 years, and working as a trainer, facilitator for over 30 years, covering areas from spiritual retreats to business trainings.
Within the context of NVC I am most passionate about its spiritual and embodied dimensions and about conflict mediation. Besides NVC, most important explorations on my journey have so far been Soto Zen, Art of Hosting, Bohmian Dialogue, Contact Improvisation…
I have been regularly serving as a trainer on IITs and have shared NVC in over 25 countries in Europe, Mideast, Asia, USA, Australia…
My permanent address is in Slovenia, which used to be a part of a country that does not exist anymore, but still resides in my heart as the place where I grew up — Yugoslavia. I have given two TEDx talks, connected with Nonviolent Communication one in 2012 on Global Citizenship, and the other in 2013 on Personal Growth.
My website is:


Kathleen MacFerran, CNVC Certified trainer and assessor, (USA)

Kathleen holds a vision for a peaceful, just and sustainable world. She has worked as a Certified Trainer for the Center for Nonviolent Communication (CNVC) since 2003, is an assessor for CNVC certification candidates, and served on the Integration Council for the restructuring of this international organization. Community system building and conflict transformation are passions of hers.
Kathleen has worked with organizations and individuals including businesses, schools, colleges, community groups, faith-based communities, hospitals, families, prison inmates, and correctional and law enforcement employees. She serves as a lead trainer for the Freedom Project of Seattle, an organization that strengthens community safety by supporting the transformation of prisoners into peacemakers.
Kathleen offers trainings, facilitation, system building and mediation using practical skills that lead to reconciliation with ourselves, our loved ones and our communities. For over 30 years Kathleen has explored ways to restore harmony to communities including two decades as a music conductor and leader of a nonprofit organization, and seven years as a public school teacher. Kathleen is the author of and conductor for Giraffe Tales, a children’s CD setting stories to music. She is the conductor on multiple classical music recordings. Her website is where her two TEDx talks can be found.


Yoram MosenzonCNVC Certified trainer (Nederlands)

I am a CNVC certified trainer and a Mediator, originally from Israel, now based in Amsterdam. When I met NVC in 2001 I was a dancer/choreographer. In 2008, while learning it deeper and deeper, I decided to stop all my artistic activities in order to have my time and energy fully be dedicated to teaching/living NVC. During the week I teach in Amsterdam, and nearly every weekend I teach internationally in France, Israel/Palestine, Belgium, Poland, Italy, Ireland, USA, and other countries.
My focus lies on the Embodiment of NVC. NVC for me is ‘taking my Meditation cushion into real life’. I love people (or to say it more precisely: ‘I am obsessed with people’!) and the subtle delicacy of figuring out ‘what’s going on between people’ moment by moment. I see my mastery being in ‘The Art of Dialogues’, Intimate Relationships, Connecting with Children, Radical Honesty and Radical Empathy.
In 2016 I have co-founded the Democratic NVC school in Amsterdam- ‘L.I.F.E’ (Learning In Free Environment)’- for children at the age of 4 until 18 years old.
My TED talk:
I am offering NVC courses and workshops, including yearlong courses ‘Embodying & Teaching NVC’ and ’NVC based Mediation’. Details:


Vivet AleviCNVC assesor and certified trainer (Turkey)

Vivet was born and raised in Turkey. She studied Visual Communication in the University of Arts in Berlin and has spent her adult life in Germany. For the past 14 years, Vivet has been living in Berlin and Istanbul. Vivet has worked as social pedagogue in adult education. She learned about NVC in 1999 and met Marshall Rosenberg in 2002. She has shared NVC with others as certified trainer with the Center for Nonviolent Communication (CNVC) since 2004. Vivet has been a Certification Assessor for CNVC in German speaking north-east team ( ) since 2011. Vivet planted the NVC seeds in Turkey in 2005 and now she is enjoying the thriving NVC community there. She co-founded the Turkish Association for Nonviolent Communication ( in 2013 in Istanbul. She has led many trainings in Germany, Turkey and Cyprus.
People who experience Vivet’s training, coaching, and mediations appreciate her honesty, authenticity, and vulnerability. With humor and laughter, she engages all kinds of participants with joy and depth. She is passionate about the protection of child development. She especially enjoys focusing on how adults care for children. Learn more about Vivet here and . Short video in Turkish



Your Organisers

Dmitriy Kopina, MSc., CNVC Certified trainer, (Slovenia) 

Being human at first, finding precious gift of Life in me and any other living being, thru connection and empathy, is the main aim of Life in me. Deeply connected with mother Nature I’m in my quest toward exploration, joy, grow, care, love and admiring the beauty of needs and feelings Life brings to us.
My mission and my goals involve activities that are supporting individuals finding their authenticity, fullness of life and awareness; connecting people together, building “power with” communities based on equality of all needs and using forms of communication and full embodiment to support connecting individuals and groups into their essence, conciseness and spirituality . 
Working as trainer, expert, adviser, manager, father and a teacher for over 29 years I gathered broad variety of experiences and I’m very keen in sharing it with other individuals, couples, in business environments and especially enjoying reinventing teams, organisations and communities.
Web sites: .


Jaka Kovač

Jaka Kovač was inspired by the spirit of NVC in 2010 and since then he is practising and exploring it with a help of his colleagues in Slovene NVC community. He uses it also in his trainer and facilitation work – with colleagues they are bringing NVC into various fields, he runs workshops for teachers, , youth workers, refugees, volunteers, sport coaches etc.


Javor Škerlj Vogelnik

Javor is a professor of Sport Science with several years of working experience in the field of sports. In the recent years he is working as a trainer of communication skills in business, universities, youth centers and other organisations. He uses non violent communication to establish a quality connection with self and others and is inspired by its practical application into everyday relationships at home and work. His desire to deepen the knowledge of nonviolent communication brought him into the certification process with the international center for nonviolent communication (CNVC). Javor’s passions are also music and woodcrafting. He is as well studying movement therapy with the School of Movement Medicine.
Websites: ,


Jana Burger

Jana Burger is CNVC Certified Trainer. After finishing her studies of Communication Science in Ljubljana, Slovenija and Miami, Florida, she has been traveling around the globe, settled for living and working between Ljubljana and Berlin, Germany. She is working as a communication trainer, facilitator, youth trainer, theater practitioner and pedagogue mostly on topics of intercultural dialog and gender. Her work focuses on participatory art methods, devoted to Theatre of the Oppressed techniques. She is passionate about dance and body movement. She is an active member of Slovene NVC community, practicing, sharing and facilitating NVC practice and training groups in Slovenia. She has been practicing NVC for the past five years and has committed with her heart to spread it in her everyday life and work. She has particular interest in sharing NVC in informal youth groups, schools and among youth in general which is already part of her work. NVC brings her back to the roots, symbolically and practically, opening the space for connection on all levels of life, striving for humanity and genuine, warm relationships.
Website: .

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