The complete IIT costs consist of the tuition fee and the costs for accommodation including full board. The tuition fee will be paid to the CNVC, the accommodation costs will be paid directly to the venue/organizer.


Tuition fee:

Early Bird Discount:

Receive 15% off tuition on payments received in full by January 21st, 2022 (3 months prior to the start of IIT). The tuition fee payable to CNVC under this option is $ 1,989 USD.


Tuition Rates Total Fee Tuition Fee payable to CNVC  
Full Tuition $ 2.340 USD
€ 2.020 EUR*
– 15% off full tuition
– registration completed 3 months prior to the start of IIT
(21st January 2022)

$ 1,989 USD
€ 1.720 EUR*
Certification Candidate or Previous IIT attendance –
If you are a registered certification candidate with CNVC
or have attended a CNVC IIT before – 15% off full tuition

$ 1.989 USD
€ 1.720 EUR*
* Prices in EUR (€) are for your information only,
tuition is paid in USD only.

Other discounts:

There is a special discount available if you are a resident of Slovenia or another country with a lower economic standard (for example Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Serbia, Kosovo, North Macedonia, Hungary, Greece, Slovakia, Poland, Romania, Bulgaria). Please contact organizers at to get more information on this extra discount.  (We usually respond to your e-mail within  5 working days at the latest.


If you would really like to attend this IIT, but the price is an obstacle you can not overcome, please write to us. We can offer some scholarships. The due date for Scholarship Applications for this IIT is 10th January 2021. Please register as a participant and then you can apply for a Scholarship here. 


Accommodation fee:

Stay in a hotel: All rooms are in a 4* hotel and have a private bathroom. Prices including three meals per day, and two coffee breaks during the day including fresh mountain water, coffee, and tea. Free WiFi internet, free car parking near the hotel, and free use of the swimming pool is also included. Guests can use a sauna park at a 75% discount. 

Camping or Commute Daily: Prices including two meals per day, lunch and dinner; (breakfast is not included), and two coffee breaks during the day including coffee and tea. There is a nice and affordable camping place close by (approx. 5 km). Prices of the staying and other services are not included in the accommodation fee. Exact prices for the season 2022 will be known at the end of 2021 and they will probably start at 15-20 € per person/night (breakfast not included). Camping site link:

Food choice: The venue offers vegetarian and vegan options. Please indicate your choice in the IIT application form.

Accommodation Type                                               Accommodation Fee per person payable to the venue/organizer
Single occupancy   €  917 EUR / per person
Double occupancy   €  735 EUR / per person
Commute daily or camping
lunch and dinner included
  €  495 EUR / per person

In all packages, the tourist tax is NOT included in the price. Tourist tax is payable on-site in the venue. TT price for an adult person in the year 2021 is 3 € per day.

Cancellation policy for accommodation costs

  • until 21.1.2022 we will refund the full payment less the deposit (the deposit of 150 EUR / per person will not be refunded and will be charged as reservation&organisational costs ),
  • after 22.1.2022 no refunds are possible,
  • at any time you can offer your place to another participant to a different person without any cost, but please let us know if you decide so
  • if by any chance, the event is canceled by organizers, due to Covid-19, any other restrictions or you can not join us because of the travel limitations or border closure, we will refund you the full amount in case you send us a notice at least 5 days before the event starts.


Covid policy:

We care for your health and safety, still valuing choice and freedom. So we are doing our best to form a strong, clear, and inclusive Covid policy and measures, doing anything in our power to organize this safe and legal, live, in-person event.

A short summary of our IIT Covid safety measures are:

Before arrival
Please check COVID-19 Measures and Recommendations from the Government of Slovenia for the terms under which you can enter the country. We invite you to take care of your health, using your daily practices and routine to keep your immune system in excellent condition. Please limit risky travel or socializing at least 10 days prior to the event. Please take into consideration your personal comfort level as you select accommodation between single (no roommate) and double (you will share the room with a roommate). 

If you cancel before arrival due to a positive Covid test, you have two options: 

  • Transfer 100% of tuition to a future IIT
  • Receive 100% refund of tuition (minus $150 non-refundable deposit)

For accommodation, you can receive a full refund.

You can get more info also by sending a request to our email , yet it may take up to a couple of days to receive an answer.

On arrival
We will organize rapid, non-invasive SARS-CoV-2 testing for all participants on arrival, and on Day 4 of the IIT. The testing will be mandatory for all participants, trainers, and organizers, no matter of your previous vaccination statuses, previous testing, or getting over the infection before. You will be invited to cover the cost of testing and we expect it to be fairly low, in a range of +-10 EUR, per test, per person. There will be testing available on request as well.

During your stay
We will enable and do our best for you to be able to stay in, as a closed IIT participants group as much as possible, so we provided separated seminar rooms, some separation at lunch, and spacious private rooms as well some activities may be arranged outdoors. We invite you to limit physical interaction with all non-participants and to keep safe distances or use protective elements as masks, during the event. We do our best to assure safety for the whole group. You will receive further instructions on arrival and during the event. If you have a positive Covid test upon arrival or any time during the IIT:

  • No tuition refund is available
  • You can participate from your room by video to the fullest extent possible. If you have a roommate, we will reassign the roommate to other accommodations.
  • You will be required to self-quarantine in your hotel room for 10 days, ar as per the regulations of the Government of Slovenia.

If tourists or their contacts show up positive on SARS-CoV-2 are accommodated in a hotel, they can be accommodated in a separate part of the hotel (for example the hotel top floor, one wing of the hotel, special dependencies, etc.) where they remain in isolation/quarantine under measures of health and sanitary supervision until leaving Slovenia or returning home.



We have high hopes that we will be able to organize the event. You can register if you are willing to join us in case this event will be legal and safe for you to participate. We intend to make the assessment of whether to proceed with the event by the end of the year 2021 or the beginning of January 2022.

You will not be asked to make any payment or deposit at least before the end of  December 2021.

Registration is open. You can register here.


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